Desired Color, Desired Brightness …

It is fully responsible to applications of various architectural designs and architects’ differentiation requests thanks to its wide range of colors and ability to produce materials with every color and brightness level. Composite panels can be produced desired colors and brightness level according to projects .

Composite panels are painted with coil coating technology which is the latest technology in the world. Multilayer PVDF and Antigraffit PVDF paints are used in production which are developed by Akzo Nobel specially for Saray.

These paints are optimized for Saray and provide maximum protection against outdoor weather conditions. Saray A2 can offer 20 years warranty of PVDF coated products and 30 years warranty of antigraffit PVDF coated products. These are high-performance paints.

Coating Performance

COATING TYPE Polyester Coating PVDF Coating Antigraffit Based Fluorocarbon Coating
Weather Conditions 5 Yrs 20 Yrs 20 Yrs and Above
Brightness Between %25 – 90 Gloss Between %25 – 35 Gloss Between %10 – 80 Gloss
Color Variations Much Much Much
Hardness 2H F H
Flexibility 2T 1T 2T
Repairable Yes Yes Yes
Dust and Pollution Easy Easy Very Hard


Paints’ Protection Values of Their Brightness (Accelerated simulation of atmospheric conditions)




Solid ve Metallic Colors

There are more than 30 standard solid and metallic colors always available in stock. These products are coated with 2 or 4 layers with PVDF paintings.


Wood and Stone Patterns

Saray’s wood and stone patterned products gives a very natural look and feel. It would commitment to be a long-lasting material beside these look and feel and gives A2 class fireproof warranty to all these features.


Prismatic Colors

Saray prismatic series refers to dual color composit panels. Composit panels’ colors are changing by angle of light source. For example, a black panel when looking from an angle can look yellow with light or a white panel can be seem pink with light. Prismatic colors are produced with antigraffit paints and coated with 4 layers “Primer + Real Color + 2. Color + Last Layer Varnish” . It causes a 3d look at a 2d surface. You can make unique and attractive designs thanks to Saray Prismatic Colors.


Custom Colors ve Custom Brightnesses

Custom and unique products that fit to different projects can be produced thanks to coil coating lines of Saray. Composite panels can produced with custom colors or glosses. We can set gloss of colors from 10 gloss to 80 gloss.


Nano Colors

Molecular structure of panels upper surface coating has changed thanks to nano technology which is also used in Saray Nano PVDF panels. Saray Nano PVDF panels are produced using nano polymers. These polymers are 5000 times smaller than the diameter of a hair strand so particles are invisible. Saray Nano PVDF panels’ nano coated surfaces are water and dirt repellent. These panels stays clean for a longer period and can be easily cleaned with clean water if desired. Any hazardous chemical or detergents are not required for cleaning.