0.35 mm aluminium + 3.3 mm polyethylene filler + 0.35 mm aluminium

SARAY ALUFACE 4 MM Thickness Alloy Coating
Upper Surface Aluminium 0.35 mm 3003 H16 PVDF Coated
Core 3.30 mm Polyethylene Filler
Lower Surface Aluminium 0.35 mm 3003 H16 Epoxy PolyesterCoated
Total Weight : 5.8 kg/m2


Note: Can be produced with total thickness of 3mm, 5mm and 6 mm by changing the thickness of core according the order.


B2 grade normal material. Outside surface 0.35 mm PVDF/ Nano PVDF coated aluminium sheet, 3.3mm low density polyethylene core, backside 0.35 mm epoxy polyester coated aluminium sheet and totally 4mm thickness. Has 20 years of color warranty with superior PVDF coating.