EW 55 is specially designed for thermal insulation. There is 20 mm thermal brake on the profile and in the middle epdm gasket with double touch property to obtain high thermal and noise insulation in all weather condition. The profile widths are minimized to have a maximum light in the building. The system has different esthetic views with straight and oval profiles.

System Performance

Frame: 55mm
Sash: 64mm
Uf: 2.71 W/m2K (Thermal Insulation)
Uw: 1.87 W/m2K (Window Thermal Insulation)
Water Tightness: Class 9A (EN 12208)
Air Permeability: Class 4 (EN12207)
Resistance to Wind Load: C2-C5 (EN12210)

Technical Specification

Frame: 55mm
Sash: 64mm
Thermal Brake Size: 20mm
Glass Thickness: between 4mm to 32 mm